BROKEN TOYS Lutakko,Jyväskylä 10.3.1991 w/ Die Schwarzen Schafe

TURUN TAUTI Lutakko,Jyväskylä 25.5.1991 w/ Valse Triste,Juggling Jugulars and Leatherstess

HARD-ONS Lutakko,Jyväskylä 12.7.1991 w/ Klamydia (don't have flyer for this one)

CMX @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 10.8.1991 w/ Isebel's Pain and Penis Surprise

STARVATION ARMY @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 20.9.1991 w/ Alien Boys and Amazing Tails

ACTIVE MINDS Lutakko,Jyväskylä 23.9.1991 w/ Leatherstress and Äpryk

Y.U.P. Lutakko,Jyväskylä 15.10.1991 w/ HC Andersen

TERVEET KÄDET Lutakko,Jyväskylä 30.11.1991 w/ Insaint and Hybrid Children (Klamydia cancelled)   

RYTMIHÄIRIÖLutakko,Jyväskylä 14.12.1991 w/ The Brats,Telaketju and Entropia

KLAMYDIA @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 18.1.1992 w/ Nowhere and James Puhto-Ren

J.M.K.E. Lutakko,Jyväskylä 8.2.1992 w/ Metuja and Pagan Brigade

VALSE TRISTE Lutakko,Jyväskylä 13.2.1992 w/ Manic Toys and Jack Meatbeat & The Underground Society

WALTARI Lutakko,Jyväskylä 15.2.1992 w/ Y.U.P. and Alan Inc. (don't have flyer for this one)

69 EYESLutakko,Jyväskylä 22.2.1992 w/ Ferox and Isebel's Pain

HÄIRIKÖT Lutakko,Jyväskylä 14.3.1992 w/ Mental Idisposed,Intimely Death,Tuomiopäivän Lapset and Heinäseivästäjä Jeesus (don't have flyer for this one)

GODFLESH @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 22.3.1992 w/ Xysma and Convulse

FAFF-BEY Lutakko,Jyväskylä 4.4.1992 w/ Nomicon and Burst (don't have flyer for this one)

AMEN Lutakko,Jyväskylä 11.4.1992 w/ Core Doctore,Nallekerho and Nahkastressi

RUSSIAN LOVE Lutakko,Jyväskylä 24.4.1992 w/ Hybrid Children and Äpryk

JAMES PUHTO-REN Lutakko,Jyväskylä 8.5.1992 w/ Kollaat,SIM and Heppihirviö (don't have flyer for this one)

BRATS Lutakko,Jyväskylä 23.5.1992 w/ Penis Surprise,Worms and Leatherstress

KLAMYDIA @ Messukeskus,Jyväskylä 30.5.1992 w/ Pojat and Himanes

TURUN TAUTI Lutakko,Jyväskylä 8.8.1992 w/ Burst,Entropia and Aivopuisto

TOM CAT REBELS Lutakko,Jyväskylä 10.10.1992 w/ Leo Bugariloves,Kaasupullot and Verinen Perse

CARTILAGE Lutakko,Jyväskylä 24.10.1992 w/ Vomiturition,Lubricant,Depravity and Paraxism (don't have flyer for this one)

HYBRID CHILDREN @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 28.11.1992 w/ Dolphins,Back To Normal and Purity

ROCK Lutakko,Jyväskylä 5.12.1992 w/ Sexus and Chaos Sister's Darklove (don't have flyer for this one)

UNBORN S.F. @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 16.1.1993 w/ Reaktion,Ankward Squad and Gore Doctore

ANTISEEN @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 16.3.1993 w/ Circle

JYROCK 1993 @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 1.4.1993 w/ Isebel's Pain,Astronuts and Brats (don't have flyer for this one)

LEATHERFACE #1 #2 @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 7.5.1993 w/ Back To Normal and Ferox (Leatherface cancelled)

DISGRACE Lutakko,Jyväskylä 22.5.1993 w/ God Forsaken,Nomicon and Euthanausea

VALSE TRISTE Lutakko,Jyväskylä 18.9.1993 w/ Insaint,Selfish and Uutuus

MAHO NEITSYT Lutakko,Jyväskylä 16.10.1993 w/ Nowhere,Hedelmäpommi and Entropia

TERVEET KÄDET Lutakko,Jyväskylä 20.11.1993 w/ Kuolleet Kukat,SIM and Hylkiö

JUGGLING JUGULARS Lutakko,Jyväskylä 22.1.1994 w/ Punaiset Messiaat,Fauna and Manipulaatio

DECEIVER Lutakko,Jyväskylä 7.5.1994 w/ Scum,Congestion and Kansa Taisteli

KUOLLEET KUKAT Lutakko,Jyväskylä 19.11.1994 w/ Juggling Jugulars and Genocide

TERVEET KÄDET Lutakko,Jyväskylä 4.3.1994 w/ Kapteeni Perkele and The Bubberheads

KUOLLEET KUKAT Lutakko,Jyväskylä 2.12.1995 w/ Lihasade,Lapsilta Kielletty and Sexus

J.M.K.E. Lutakko,Jyväskylä 23.9.1996 w/ Kapteeni Perkele

JUGGLING JUGULARS @ Lutakko,Jyväskylä 25.4.1998 w/ Morning After,Endstand and Defend

RIISTETYT Lutakko,Jyväskylä 29.9.2001 w/ Kaaos and Aivolävistys (don't have flyer for this one)

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